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4 batters, 4 bowlers, 2 all rounders and a keeper within your £55m budget. Pick a captain to score double points.


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Welcome to BSCC‘s 2016 fantasy league!

Congratulations to Lee Kelford for last years win!

Use your £55million budget to create a top scoring side and top the table!

(saturday league cricket only!)

£5 per side (pay to Tom Laver , 07763128653)

50% for winnings, 50% for club funds

All payments must be made by end of MAY!!!

Any Queries contact tomlaver1997@gmail.com / 07763128653

Team Manager Points
 1Balu RebelsBalaji Srinivasamurthy8814
 2BS Super KingsDan Peachey8671
 3Tickers Super Sixes Jon Tickner8588
 4Kebab HangoversDonna Kelford8538
 5As long as I beat Dan........Tom Laver8520
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All Rounders
Name Value Points
 1Tom Laver£7.0m1519
 2Shital Wadkar£5.0m736
 3Owen Onslow£5.0m691
 4Shabhaz Hussein£4.5m645
 5Jon Tickner£4.0m604
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Name Value Points
 1Shreyas Ramu£8.0m1533
 2Balaji Srini£8.5m873
 3Dan Laver£5.5m671
 4Wayne Passmore£7.5m642
 5Graham Purnell£5.5m468
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Name Value Points
 1Ash Baber£7.0m716
 2Anthony Beaven£4.5m628
 3James Tovey£6.0m596
 4Steve Davis£7.0m527
 5Jeganath Gandhi Rajamohan£3.5m466
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Name Value Points
 1Matt Peach£6.0m867
 2Paul Peterson£5.5m319
 3Leigh Portch £5.0m313
 4Simon Page£3.0m87
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Game 16 Stats

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